Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Persecution of the Early Church, Pax Romana, and Heresies in Monophysitism Summaries of Three Scholarly Journal’s

Persecution of the Early Church explain some of the how, when and why’s of the early church prosecutions. â€Å"Reasons of the persecution†, â€Å"History of the persecutions† and â€Å"Two Christian Responses: The Glory of Martyrdom and Apologetics† are segments within this scholarly journal. Therefore, each segment relates to persecution with in the early church, gives a list on the persecutions and touches on ten of Christianity persecutors. This article also gives an account on martyrs who died for the sake of the faith and the birthing of apologetics primary goal, defending the faith of Christianity. Pax Romana and the Rise of the Christian church,† reflects on the Gospel being spread at a time of â€Å"Roman Peace† with Christianity. This article depicts what are Pax Romana or Roman Peace and apologetics at a time when Rome allows Christians to spread the â€Å"Good News†. However, it clearly talks about Christian stay with their boundaries when spreading the gospel, there was evidence of Christian being persecuted. â€Å"The culture and Climate in Which the Gospel spread,† helps one to understand how the gospel starts to spread through evangelism starting with the Apostles and Jews being exiled out of Rome. â€Å"Catholic Answers† breakdowns the definition of Heresies in Monophysitism . Therefore, it supplies its reader with a clear understand of the topic at hand. Monophysitism originated as a reaction to Nestorianism. The Monophysites (led by a man named Eutyches) were horrified by Nestorius’s implication that Christ was two people with two different natures (human and divine). They went to the other extreme, claiming that Christ was one person with only one nature (a fusion of human and divine elements). They are thus known as Monophysites because of their claim that Christ had only one nature (Greek: mono = one; physis = nature) Catholic Answers Brom (2004). Bibliography Anonymous, â€Å"Persecution in the Early Church† Religion Facts (May 2013). Bruce, Frederick F. â€Å"The Early Church in the Roman Empire.† The Bible Student 56 (March-April 1933): 30-32. â€Å"Pax Romana† Applied Apologetics Brom Robert H., Bishop of San Diego, â€Å"The Great Heresies† Catholic Answers to Explain and Defend the Faith (August 2004)

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