Sunday, November 3, 2019

Essay questions Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 8

Questions - Essay Example Moreover, instead of telling children not to speak or keep quiet (negative framing), she says â€Å"we are working quietly† supporting her words with gesture. Kids immediately react to her words and become quiet. 2. Positive framing in use is better to observe on examples. The phrase ‘‘We’re not going to have another day like yesterday, are we, Jason?† is absolutely inappropriate because it only motivates the boy to do the bad thing again makes the teacher look weak and suspicious (Lemov). It is better to say â€Å"It is nice to work with you, Jason†. The phrase â€Å"Just a minute, Jane. Absolutely no one is giving you their full attention except Dyonte and Beth.† shows that teacher is irritated with the class. It is better to say â€Å"Your attention is highly appreciated now. We all like when other people listen to us carefully.† ‘‘I need the tapping to stop.’’ is better to substitute with â€Å"Let’s stop writing for a while and have a little quiet break†. Also it is better to say â€Å"Please, sit up straight, Jasmine† instead of ‘‘I’ve asked you twice to stop slouching, Jasmine!’’ to show positive attitude and good

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