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Faulkners A Rose for Emily Essay - 2369 Words

1. - Theme. 2. - Conflicts, tensions and ambiguity. 3. -Symbolism. 4. - Narrative elements: point of view, tone and narrative structure. 1. - Theme. The main theme of the Faulkners short story is the relationship between the past and present in Emily Grierson, the protagonist. She did not accept the passage of time throughout all her life, keeping everything she loved in the past with her. The story shows Emilys past and her family story. This information explains her behaviour towards time. Firstly, her fathers lack of desire to move on into the future and his old-fashioned ways kept Emily away from the changing society and away from any kind of social relationship: None of the young men were quite good enough for Miss†¦show more content†¦The family of Emily, the Griersons, was a very influential and important family in Jefferson. The townspeople seem to obey a certain hierarchy within which Emily was highly placed. Alive, Miss Emily had been a tradition, a duty, and a care; a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town (pp. 119) However, she was the centre of furious gossip in the entire town especially when her relationship with Homer Barron started. Despite the assumption that Emily was a tradition, a duty, and a care, when Homer disappeared, the whole city knew that she was mentally insane because of her isolation, but no citizen tried to help her just because they thought greatly of her. A conflictive episode of A Rose for Emily occurs when Emily bought arsenic from the druggist. He surely knew that she was insane and she would kill herself. Nevertheless, with very few words Emily persuaded him to sell her the arsenic, using her powerful reputation. `I want arsenic. The druggist looked down at her. She looked back at him, erect, her face like a strained flag. `Why, of course, the druggist said. `If thats what you want. But the law requires you to tell what you are going to use it for. Miss Emily just stared at him, her head tilted back in order to look him eye for eye, until he looked away and went and got the arsenic and wrapped it up. (pp. 125-126) The druggist seems to be prepared to ignore the laws to satisfy Miss Emily. The dignityShow MoreRelatedWilliam Faulkners A Rose for Emily1600 Words   |  7 Pages William Faulkners A Rose for Emily  is set in the small southern town of Jefferson during the early decades of the twentieth century . At this time, vast and cardinal changes were being made by the upcoming new south to conceal and move from the horrid truths that were a part of the towns history. In lieu of this, Jefferson was at a turning point in which they were having difficulty coming to terms with these changes . Integrating Faulkners use of character and symbols with other sourcesRead MoreEssay on William Faulkners A Rose for Emily1539 Words   |  7 PagesWilliam Faulkners A Rose for Emily As any reader can see, A Rose for Emily is one of the most authentic short stories by Faulkner. His use of characterization, narration, foreshadowing, and symbolism are four key factors to why Faulkners work is idealistic to all readers.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The works of William Faulkner have had positive effects on readers throughout his career. Local legends and gossip trigger the main focus of his stories. Considering that Faulkner grew up in Mississippi, he wasRead MoreWilliam Faulkners A Rose for Emily: An Analysis807 Words   |  3 PagesConsider Faulkners own words as you think about A Rose for Emily. In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Faulkner said,  ¦the young man or woman writing today has forgotten the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself which alone can make good writing because only that is worth writing about, worth the agony and the sweat. How is A Rose for Miss Emily a story about the human heart in conflict with itself? In William Faulkners A Rose for Emily, the protagonist Miss Emily GriersonRead MoreDecadence in Faulkners A Rose for Emily Essay750 Words   |  3 PagesDecadence in Faulkners A Rose For Emily March 7, 2006 Decadence in Faulkners A Rose For Emily Outline: ol li value=1 Southern decadence and the state of the south li value=2 Emilys life, her family and how the changes in the south affect them li value=3 What Emily does and why in reaction to those factors li value=4 The townspeoples actions and how they are able to participate in Emilys denial and be decadent as well. li value=5 About Faulkner himselfRead MoreImagery in Faulkner’s Story â€Å"a Rose for Emily†997 Words   |  4 PagesIn order to understand William Faulkner’s â€Å"A Rose for Emily† you need to know a little bit about the author. Most of his novels take place in the state of Mississippi with colorful history and richly varied population. The frequent theme in his novels is the abuse of black people by Southern whites. â€Å"A Rose for Emily† takes place in the late 1800s in Mississippi after the civil war. The main character is Emily, who comes from wealthy background, but at the time of the story her family has lost itsRead MoreWilliam Faulkners A Rose for Emily Essay1382 Words   |  6 Pages Emily’s Downward Spiral: An Analysis of â€Å"A Rose for Emily† In William Faulkner’s short story â€Å"A Rose for Emily,† the main character of the story is Miss Emily Grierson. To analyze and examine her character, it is almost impossible not to look at the psychological aspect of it. Through the narrative of Faulkner’s â€Å"A Rose for Emily,† Miss Emily’s behavior and character is revealed as outright strange from any average standard of characters. A few days after they lay Miss Emily’s body to restRead MoreAn Analysis of William Faulkner’s â€Å"a Rose for Emily†1428 Words   |  6 PagesThe Devastating Outcome of Oppression: An Analysis of William Faulkner’s â€Å"A Rose for Emily† When a person has only been taught dysfunctional love, it is all too often that this is the only kind of love they will ever experience. In â€Å"A Rose for Emily†, William Faulkner explores an unorthodox relationship between an aristocratic southern lady named Miss Emily Grierson, and a blue-collar northern fellow named Homer Barron. The narrator, who likely represents the townspeople, describesRead More William Faulkners A Rose for Emily Essay729 Words   |  3 PagesWilliam Faulkners A Rose for Emily â€Å"A Rose for Emily† by William Faulkner is set in a small Southern town during the post-Civil War era. The story revolves around the strange and tragic events of Miss Emily Grierson’s life. At first glance, Emily seems like a lonely woman with little self-confidence and low self-esteem that seems to stem from her upbringing by her father. There seemed to be some kind of abuse by her father and the fact that she had seemed to have lived such a sheltered lifeRead MoreThe Life of Miss Emily Grierson in Faulkners A Rose for Emily764 Words   |  4 PagesIn William Faulkner’s â€Å"A Rose for Emily† is a short unpleasant story. Everybody faces difficult hardships, relationships, and family matters, such as life and death of loved ones. While going through those difficult times people end up having a difficult time by letting go of loved ones. After reading â€Å"A Rose for Emily†, Miss Emily Grierson had to experience difficult times in her life. S he could not date anybody, her father passed away, she met a soon to be great guy, poisoned him, and end up beingRead MoreThe Reconstruction In William Faulkners A Rose For Emily1243 Words   |  5 Pagesstory â€Å"A Rose for Emily† in 1930. In his fictional Jefferson, Mississippi (the county seat of Yoknapatawpha), Faulkner tells a story about Emily, an unhappy woman. The story begins at Emily’s funeral, and all the villagers in the town come to see the inside of the abandoned building (nobody has entered the house for at least ten years). The story flashes back decades before the funeral, Emily’s father dies, and she is left alone. Therefore, the town minister decides to exempt the tax for Emily. Later

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